Q: My boots slap the pavement as I walk which translates to more shock to the bottom of my feet. How does YOU RIDE® help?
A:  YOU RIDE® socks have cushioned soles complimenting the boot manufacturers insole.

Q: My feet sweat while wearing my boots, what will YOU RIDE® socks do for me?
A: Engineered fibers in YOU RIDE® socks move moisture away from your feet so they stay dry and never clammy.

Q: I like the look of YOU RIDE® socks, but, wool makes me itch.
A:  Wool sure gets a bad rap.  Technology has leaped ahead light years from where we once were.  There is no itch from the wool in our YOU RIDE® socks.  The scientists from Optimer® have determined and tested the exact amount of this natural fiber needed to blend with a synthetic fiber to create drirelease® wool, which feels soft and is never scratchy/itchy.  That blend is 88% Synthetic Fiber and 12% Natural Fiber.  Another benefit of this combo is FreshGuard® which eliminates odors.  It never washes out as it is the blend of these fibers that create this behavior. 

Q: How do I care for my YOU RIDE® socks?
A: Throw them in the washer and dryer or save some electricity and air dry them. They dry 4x faster than cotton!  You’ll be amazed at how fast they dry.  Just do not use fabric softener in the washer or the dryer as this coats the fibers and eliminates their ability to do their job.

Q: My socks don’t stay in place on my feet!  They slide into my boots and bunch on the bottom of my feet.
A: That sure isn’t comfortable.  Our YOU RIDE® sock was designed with a ribbed instep to hug your foot and stay in place. There is also a reciprocated heel and toe to reduce stress that pulls a sock down into your boot. The comfort top assists in keeping your sock in place.

Q:  I have never paid more than $2 bucks for a pair of socks, why should I start now?
A: Just like the motor oil you chose for your bike. Why pay $12.00 for a quart of synthetic oil? We choose it because of its positive benefits.  DON’T YOUR FEET DESERVE THE SAME?

Q:  Can I buy YOU RIDE® socks on-line?
A: Not currently but check out our "where to buy" page to find the closest retailer near you. If your favorite retailer isn't there then have them contact us at: youride@shifttrottleandride.com

Q:  Why should I choose YOU RIDE® socks?
A:  Like the bike you ride.  It’s PERSONAL. 

Frequently Asked Questions