James C.: I have done 2 big rides this year and wore your socks for both…and I LOVE them!!  I only have 1 pair so I wore them 2 days in a row…and they still had no sweat or stank…lol. 

Biker Rags: We love your socks!!!

Kristi B. from Renegade Classics: I love YOU RIDE socks. I'm a biker and I wear them all the time. I wear them even when I'm not riding!

Dan F. from Xtreme Rider: I wear them even when I'm not riding!

Ken W. (Niceville, FL): Whether I'm working, playing or riding, there isn't a more comfortable sock

Victor H. : Thanks for making You Ride socks. They are the best socks available and the only socks I wear now, on and off the bike. I got them at Biker Rags in Knoxville,Tn. Glad I ride or I'd have never found them!

Joan Krenning (ladyroaddog.com): I really do like your socks. I wear them all the time!

Stays Dry

What's FreshGuard® :

FreshGuard®  is an odor neutralizer that is embedded in all drirelease® fabrics. This special technology keeps your socks smelling fresh. Yep, no more smelly feet!

For more information visit: drirelease.com

What's being said about YOU RIDE socks:

Why we chose drirelease® :

drirelease® is a patented, unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The natural fibers absorb moisture, pulling it off the skin and into the fabric, and the synthetic fibers help the garment to dry quickly. This blend of fibers moves moisture from the skin through the fabric releasing it rapidly into the air keeping you dry and always feels soft and natural to the touch. This moisture-transport system is built into the yarn and delivers everlasting wicking that won't wash out. All drirelease benefits are permanent.

All YOU RIDE socks come with drirelease :

Because fabrics made with drirelease® technology does not alter its fibers with chemicals of any kind, performance is permanent.

It will not "wash out" over time. 

Designed by requests from riders and proudly MADE in the USA.

Made with just the right blend of natural and synthetic fibers creating drirelease® which is soft and never scratchy or itchy.

All YOU RIDE socks are made with   a reinforced heel & toe to prevent wear for those riders who like    long rides. 


YOU RIDE features a cushioned sole from heel to toe for excellent comfort. 

Comfort band and an instep feature that keeps the sock from sliding in the rider's boots.

Vintage MC owner: These socks are so comfortable, I wish I could wrap my body in them!

YOU RIDE Motorcycle Socks

Do you find that your socks move and wrinkle on the bottom of your foot in your boot? Do your socks make your feet feel clammy and sweaty? Or are they just not road tested and get worn out well before they should?

We asked numerous riders and found we were not alone in being fed up with the offering of "riding" socks on the market. 

That's why we designed and created our YOU RIDE® socks. We want riders everywhere, to ride in comfort.