Your Socks Don't

Do y
ou ride and then take a break to stretch, eat or chat, etc.?

Do you find that your socks have decided to move and wrinkle on the bottom of your foot in your boot?

We asked numerous riders and found we were not alone. 

Maybe your socks aren't tough enough for the ride.

Why we chose drirelease® :
release® is a patented, unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The natural fibers absorb moisture, pulling it off the skin and into the fabric, and the synthetic fibers help the garment to dry quickly. This blend of fibers moves moisture from the skin through the fabric releasing it rapidly into the air keeping you dry and always feels soft and natural to the touch. This moisture-transport system is built into the yarn and delivers everlasting wicking that won't wash out. All drirelease benefits are permanent.

What's FreshGuard® :
FreshGuard®  is an odor neutralizer that is embedded in all drirelease® fabrics. This special technology keeps clothes smelling fresh.

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The YOU RIDE®  sock was developed to enhance your riding experience.
No more wishing for sneakers at a Rally!